Paths in MacOS X

A while back, I installed git to download some random open-source code that I’ve since forgotten about. I noticed this when hacking on my .bash_profile paths to add ImageMagick. I saw that git had been inserted into my path and I couldn’t figure out how. I thought they had been screwing around with my system bash scripts but no – something else was going on…

It seems MacOS X has a little known improvement to UNIX life on the desktop. Instead of adding paths login scripts, you can put them in the /etc/paths.d directory. Add a unique text file whose contents are the path to add. You don’t get control over the order of loading, but that (usually) shouldn’t be a big deal. There is also a /etc/manpaths.d as well.

I normally don’t like to put third party stuff in / directories. That is where things get lost when upgrading. I don’t know if I should use this or not, but I don’t want to forget about it.

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