Apple Undocumentation

This used to be in Apple’s documentation about how to create flat executables (such as command line tools) that have Info.plist data. The information is gone from Apple’s site now. Still, it may be useful:

Putting Info.plist Files in a Flat Executable

Even if your program does not use the bundle structure, it should still include an information property-list file to identify key pieces of information to the system. For unbundled CFM executables, you can place the contents of the program’s Info.plist file in a ‘plst’ resource. For unbundled Mach-O executables, you can create an __info_plist section in the executable’s __TEXT segment and put the contents of your information property-list file there. To create an __info_plist section, you would create an Info.plist file as you would for a bundled program and then add the following linker options to your makefile or Xcode project:

-sectcreate __TEXT __info_plist Info.plist

To retrieve the Info.plist information, your unbundled program can use many of the CFBundle functions for accessing bundle properties. Although your program is not bundled, you can still get the “main bundle” and pass that object to any functions you call.

Update: It looks like it just got moved instead. It is now in the Code Signing Guide.